About Holden

Holden International Inc. has many years of experiences on mobile applications and cultural and creative industry product development, such as customized application development of well-known smartphone brand, cross-platform apps development, back-end running and management, the project of cloud control applications development of well-known home appliance brand.


We’re now integrating both IOT (Internet of Things) and the technology of smart home appliance development to conduct the product integration and marketing planning.  Based on remote control and monitoring of white home appliance, WIFI, and Bluetooth low energy,  we’ve developed a framework to control the digital appliances in the house and remotely.  We also deliver a customized micro-location solution based the beacon technology.  The service is aimed to apply to different kinds of businesses such as marketing of restaurants, sightseeing spots, shopping malls, art museums, aesthetic medicine, physical examination and lost and found, including projects about customer satisfaction survey of chain stores.


Holden International Inc. is now actively promoting cultural and creative industry focusing on the services of leisure and entertainment, cultural sightseeing and educational design.